Dear Basil,

First, I would very much like to express my gratitude and recognition for an infinite number of seriously ill patients who would be dead today if it wasn’t for all the e’Pap porridge that you sent us to confront the most serious malnutrition problems.

Every year we receive a large number of patients suffering from serious surgical diseases in our hospital, people who would have normally died before arriving here, and the causes are invariably the poverty of farming land, to which one must add the undermining effects of AIDS and tuberculosis. Often we are speaking of young people suffering from life-threatening peritonitis due to typhoid perforation.

After several days, occasionally weeks, these patients received traditional treatments, and then occasionally they would go through peripheral health centers before reaching us in near-death conditions. In such cases, when we perform surgery following rapid reanimation, we often find perforations in the intestines that we have learned to repair thanks to techniques developed for this very purpose. But the biggest problem is energetic reanimation, the feeding of these patients following surgery, because if they manage to eat soon we must effectively suture them. Suture closure must occur so that perforations won’t turn into cuts.

Since we have knowledge and availability of e’Pap porridge, already the third day after surgery we begin to give them small amounts of it four to seven times a day, in order to provide the body with what it needs to heal. This is what we do in typhoid perforations in peritonitis tuberculosis and in other extremely serious infectious diseases. The results have been exceptionally good in a consistent fashion.

I wanted to share this with you because you should know that what God has given you is the ability to generate something great, something that deserves to be known worldwide.

Stay well and have a great Pentecost!

Father Florent.

Medical Surgeon, Hospital Saint Jean de Dieu