Copper is an essential trace mineral in your body. What this means is that you only need a tiny amount. (Chromium is another example of a trace element. Read our article to find out why you need it.) Copper is in most organs in your body. The most is in your brain and liver. So, what does copper do? Read on to find out!

It could play a part in protecting your nerves

Medical experts have done a lot of research into how copper could help to protect your nerves. Some of these experts have found that if copper levels in the body are too low, one could be at risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. If a person suffers from this disease, they can’t remember anything – even the names of their children or parents. If you forget the bread or milk at the shops, it doesn’t mean that you have Alzheimer’s.

Copper and immunity

Studies have shown that if a person has low levels of copper in their body, their immune system could be weak. This means that their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight off infections on their own and they could be more at risk for diseases such as the flu or a stomach bug. So, to keep your immune system strong for fighting sickness, be sure you take enough copper daily!

e’Pap contains copper

We saw the great benefits that copper has for you. This is why e’Pap contains 1.4mg of this trace mineral per 100g. At one of the projects that use e’Pap, a student told us of the benefits that he feels after eating our porridge. Watch this video to find out what he said:

* e’Pap is a food. Always consult your medical practitioner for any medical condition.