e’Pap has worked extensively in several villages in Limpopo alongside other nonprofit organizations such as Divhanivhuyo, the Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation, I Choose to Care, and others during the COVID-19 lockdown period and till today.

Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation

Founded by Marilyn Bassin, Boikanyo helps children with cerebral palsy and other vulnerable populations to ensure food security among the African people. In early 2020, e’Pap and Boikanyo visited poverty-stricken households in Limpopo, who had cut vegetables and proteins from their diets after becoming unemployed post-lockdown – they lived off of maize meals alone. We handed out 20,000 meals of e’Pap (one tonne), and arranged with a local doctor to distribute 40,000 meals (two tonnes) to assist the people in the times ahead. As e’Pap is an instant mix porridge, it is easy and safe for children, the ill and the elderly to make and eat without having to cook. Our motto for our COVID-19 relief work was: Calm, Care, Connect, Share.

On the second day of our team’s visit, we met with a family of eight – six children and their two parents. Through child support and disability grants, their family settles their electricity bill, although they can only use it for lights and to heat water. As the parents tested HIV+ before their third son, he was also born with the disease and at 17 years old has the height of a 10 year old due to stunting – a medical condition where a child’s development is impaired because of poor nutrition or repeated infections. e’Pap distributed large packages of food to these families in need, continuing our fight against stunting caused by nutrient deficiencies.

Thohoyandou Child Youth Care Centre x e’Pap

In May 2020, e’Pap visited the child youth care centre for children who are abused or homeless, which ensures they have what they need to survive and make the most of their circumstances. Thohoyandou was immensely pleased to receive 1200 meal portions of e’Pap.

On behalf of the children at Thohoyandou CYCC, we would like to thank Boikanyo and e’Pap Foundation for the generous gift, may their work grow andcontinue to help those that need it. – Mmule Mothapo, director of Thohoyandou CYCC

e’Pap x Divhanivhuyo

Established in 2012 to alleviate poverty, educational and financial support, as well as provide food parcels and blankets to those in need in Venda, Limpopo, Divhanivhuyo, the e’Pap Foundation and Baby Ethan Foundation in December 2020 teamed up to give newborn babies and hospital patients in rural Limpopo Christmas gifts, from e’Pap’s soft porridge for mothers, to baby wipes and cream. We were the first and only organizations to reach them once lockdown began.

Because of this lockdown, we have not been able to feed the kids properly, we have very little funds at the moment to feed the kids and we believe this e’Pap is going to play a big role. – Bohwana Pfano, Divhanivhuyo Foundation

Mission for Christ Centre Church x e’Pap

Since lockdown began, the closure of churches and religious gatherings had caused Christ Centre Church to struggle to provide aid to their community. e’Pap stepped in to help, handing out 1200 meal portions for more than 100 elderly members of their church. Their pastor Sinthumule has ensured that our donation would go to the gogos (elderly women taking care of many young grandchildren) who are vulnerable and most in need.

I Choose To Care x e’Pap

Founded by students of the University of Venda, I Choose To Care was started when they saw a gap between the economic statuses of students enrolled in their institution. The organization helps students from less financially stable backgrounds by providing them with their basic and daily needs. e’Pap is committed to I Choose To Care’s mission of creating a hunger-free environment for all students.


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