In Namibia, e’Pap has teamed up with an amazing Namibian philanthropist, Elton Vries, and the honorable Deputy President of Namibia. Over 300 000 e’Pap meal portions have been donated to help address the food deficit caused by drought. The Namibian Deputy President is in charge of the famine relief programme for the Namibian Government.

e’Pap fills the shelves in Zimbabwe (Pick ‘n Pay, OK Bazaar, Tilus, Choppies, and pharmacies in Bulawayo and Harare). Zimbabwe is one of the countries where e’Pap is fighting hidden hunger and malnutrition on a larger scale.

e’Pap works with government organisations, schools, hospitals, and any other organisations. You can get what your family needs to work hard, think smart and be empowered.

Need some assistance?, .Be empowered to help as a caregiver or teacher. Are you from a school, a hospital, any bigger organization or group? Please contact us and we can send you all the e’Pap info you and your family group need. We work in 15 countries across Africa, so send us your request and we will respond.