Do you know what selenium is and how it can benefit your health? We have found some benefits selenium can have for you and we’ve seen that there are a lot of them! This is why we’ve added it to e’Pap. In this article, we’re going to tell you what selenium is and why it’s so good for you.

What is selenium?

Selenium is a trace element like chromium is. (We wrote about chromium in our last article. To read it, follow this link.) This means that you need very little of it. The amount that you need is different depending on how old you are. For example, babies need less than older people.

What does selenium do?

Doctors have found that selenium could play a part in boosting the functioning of the immune system. What this means is that this trace element could help your body fight off infection. If someone gets sick often with the flu, taking bioavailable selenium can help one get stronger.

We all need energy to do what we do every day, like walking to catch the bus or taxi or doing our work. What we forget is that our bodies need energy to breathe and to think. Your metabolism helps to convert the food that you eat into energy so that you can do all of these daily activities. Doctors have also found that selenium could help people’s metabolisms to work well. This could help your body create enough energy to keep going well.

Experts have found that selenium could play a very important part in pregnancy*. If mothers-to-be don’t have enough selenium in their bodies they could miscarry or they could suffer from preeclampsia. If expectant mothers suffer from preeclampsia, they could suffer from high blood pressure. Their kidneys or liver could be damaged as well.

e’Pap contains selenium

e’Pap contains 200mcg of selenium in every meal portion. Our pre-cooked porridge is very affordable so you will be getting the best possible dose of selenium out there at a low cost.

* Mistry, H.D. and Kurlak, L.O. Chapter 24 – Selenium in Fertility and Reproduction. [Online]. Accessed 22-11-2018.

** e’Pap is a food. Always consult your medical practitioner for any medical condition.