Chromium is a ‘trace’ element in your diet. What this means is that you only need a tiny amount of it to benefit from it. We don’t often hear about what chromium does. This is why we thought that we’d write an article about chromium. The health benefits of this mineral are very important and that is why it is in e’Pap.

Chromium can help to regulate blood sugar

According to the International Diabetes Federation* in 2017, around 1.8 million South Africans had diabetes. In 2018, there are more people who had this disease. When a person has diabetes, they have too much or too little sugar in their blood throughout the day. If you don’t get medication for diabetes, your kidneys could fail or you could even die. If you’re a diabetic, or are healthy, chromium could help you regulate your blood sugar levels.

It helps to reduce cholesterol

If you eat a lot of fast food which has a lot of oil in it, like slap chips or fat cakes (magwinya), this oil sits in the blood vessels around your heart. The more you eat, the more it sits there. This is called cholesterol build-up. The blood vessels become smaller and not enough blood reaches your heart. When your heart doesn’t get enough blood, a heart attack could happen.

Chromium helps to make sure that the cholesterol doesn’t sit in your blood vessels so that your blood can flow freely and reach your heart. Very important: even if you take chromium still check your oil intake.

e’Pap contains chromium

We saw how good chromium is for you. This is why we decided to add it to e’Pap. Every 100g portion of e’Pap contains 35mcg of chromium which is how much chromium you should be having on a daily basis. One of the best things about e’Pap is that it is not expensive, it’s good for you and it gives you most of what your body needs from food.

* International Diabetes Federation. [Online] Accessed: 13 November 2018.

** e’Pap is a food. Always consult your medical practitioner for any medical condition.